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Coordinating with her roommate, she sets a time by which she will send them a check-in text. Her purse contains one bottle of water-based lubricant, a strip of latex condoms, her wallet and keys, and a small pocket knife.

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Her client is 10 minutes late. She sits on the edge of a concrete planter, examining his profile. Shuttering these sites has made sex workers even more vulnerable to violence — they are unable to screen clients and are often forced into working on the street. But SeekingArrangement is alive and well. Sugaring is precarious work — there are no benefits programs, unions, job security, employment insurance EIor guarantees of fair payment. Total decriminalization of sex work would certainly solve many of the problems that sugar babies face.

In a complete emergency my parents could theoretically support me. Seeking emphasizes the fact that many of its users are students — according to the site, the past year saw a 44 per cent increase in sugar babies using the website who were registered as students. Working through personal networks and social media, I recruited interviewees from Montreal schools.

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The site even began marketing itself as a form of student debt relief. It illuminated the general nature of many sugaring relationships: older men with generational wealth, paired with young, educated women with enough class privilege to attend university. If sex were factored out of the equation, sugaring might look an awful lot like a gig job: where sugar babies are temporary, short-term independent contractors, the structure of their work similar to Uber drivers or bike couriers.

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Just as 60 per cent of Uber drivers work less than 10 hours weekly while maintaining other employment, many sugar babies see a small handful of clients each month to make ends meet. Subject to the same economics of beauty as other sex workers, sugar babies can only make money if they are desirable, well-located, and willing to Woman seeking casual sex Briar on their sexual boundaries.

Even sugar babies who are seen as attractive essentially function on a per-client basis — just as a bike courier might only make a profit by taking on a dangerous and unsustainable volume of orders, the average sugar baby working per meet will need to maintain a wide network of clients to make a living. Had she not been warned by her friend, she would have met up with the man in question. I only know about predators because of friends. In web-based gig jobs, online platforms and faceless bosses allow for easier diffusion of responsibility when things go awry. However, the legal ambiguity and stigma of sugaring also produces more acute risks.

She was newly 18, with minimal prior sexual experience. Her client turned out to be a convicted sex offender who had been charged with child luring. Certainly, safety concerns look different for each sugar baby. She has never seen any other clients.

Like many independent escorts, sugar babies lack even the illusion of a support or security presence who could ensure that their rights are respected. For these sugar babies, the issue at hand is their isolation from one another and their lack of a shared workspace. I want them to make more than they do. Shortly after transitioning to independent escorting, Hazel started seeing a couple regularly. They requested to see her as a sugar baby rather than as an escort.

She asked what that would entail, and in response they requested a discounted rate. From a worker perspective, why would I ever let them do that? A particularly damaging aspect of sugaring is the fact that it masks itself as dating. Any attempt at price negotiation can mean losing clientele. One outcome of this is that sugar babies tend to accept what they can get from clients. He would give me money when I explicitly said I needed it for, like, textbooks or something.

While clients posture as wealthy, upper-class professionals, they simultaneously mask their unwillingness to compensate service providers fairly as moral righteousness.

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Very few of my interviewees maintained relationships that involved any type of romantic attachment whatsoever — far more commonplace is meeting discreetly for sex, with the occasional rendezvous for drinks beforehand. Yet the language of class ascendancy ironically prevents sugar babies from articulating their right to payment in these arrangements. Sugar babies often find themselves performing unpaid labour to maintain the illusion of non-transactional romance with clients.

As an independent, I can charge for those things. I was never firm.

Casual Sex \u0026 Our Mental Health

Certainly, negotiation is a learned skill — but for most other sex workers, peers and mentors facilitate this learning process. But because their labour is ased less value, they are more likely to deal with constant lowballing by clients. However, many of my interviewees — particularly those who did identify as sex workers — expressed that they felt that their relative financial security made accessing community resources feel inappropriate.

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Woman seeking casual sex Briar

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