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Salisbury and his wife, Laura, were owners and operators of the Ladder Livestock Company, a cattle and sheep operation employing rotational grazing practices across a patchwork of private, state and federally owned lands. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Wyoming, U. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Mark Hogan was fighting a very different battle: training himself to drink coffee.

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His business model is simple: focus on the most important habitats for wildlife, learn what the landowners living and working in the area want and need from the land, then build a working relationship. The end result is win-wins for people and animals.

What can the land do, and what do you want it to do? Hogan discovered this type of conversation can start over breakfast and a hot cup of coffee with neighbors. In Wyoming, where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains, the landscape is characterized by sagebrush uplands, grassy prairies and soaring peaks. At the same time, water here is scarce.

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An estimated 2 to 3 percent of wet meadows and riparian areas comprise the state, making Wyoming the third-driest in the nation. Hogan recognized his ranching neighbors were in a unique position to make a difference for native fish species in decline, such as the Colorado cutthroat trout.

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He also knew that if one of these species reached the point where it required federal protection under the Endangered Species Act, a listing could have an impact on local agricultural practices. They have to be able to move up and down a [river] system to find the right conditions to complete their life cycles.

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Part of his job was to ensure those fish could migrate, and that meant restoring and stabilizing streams. Through a network of conservation-minded friends and partners, Hogan met Salisbury, who invited him to Ladder Ranch to survey Battle Creek. What Hogan saw was a body of water responding to change.

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Hogan saw a chance to make some needed corrections. Their corrections were simple. They also created fish passages so fish could migrate.

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The work was complete in Salisbury got to enjoy the changes for a decade. He died in at age The Service, Ladder Ranch and its neighbors, and an array of public and private partners are working to keep it that way, continuing to improve stream banks, wetlands, irrigation systems and wildlife habitat in the area. The family is engaged in official, voluntary agreements under the Endangered Species Act that provide benefits to the greater sage-grouse in the nearby sagebrush uplands.

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It took Mark and the Partners Program to bring things into focus and get something major done. It also took one man willing to boldly go where he had not gone before — to gulp down a steaming cup of coffee. By using our website you are consenting to our use of cookies in accordance with our privacy policy. Toggle. Battle Creek was going its own way, and Salisbury was stumped. Accept Cookies By using our website you are consenting to our use of cookies in accordance with our privacy policy.

Want to meet someone special Battle Creek

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