I truly love a bit of artwork! Whether it is an art print, wooden wall hanging, concrete artwork or even your most favourite tea towel framed (I have one from a trip to New Zealand on my wall!). It’s time to transform your home with these affordable wall decor ideas.

Get creative with your favourite colour

Hart Home Decor Halcyon Haze Art

Halcyon Haze Art – click to shop

Picking artworks out can give you the perfect opportunity to really express yourself. It lets you explore parts of your personality that aren’t always on show. If you are naturally gregarious, outgoing and always on the move (like me!) you could show your quieter side with a gentle, hazy artwork that promotes calm to help you slow down. If you’re outwardly shy you could express your wilder, bolder side with bright colours and shapes!

Choosing colours can be a little overwhelming when decorating your home. Furthermore trying to pick something that you will like longer term can also make us panic a little when picking our affordable wall art.

Have a think about what your favourite colour is. Then remind yourself that just because it’s your favourite it doesn’t mean your entire home has to be filled with it. Use your fave in the accent pieces to make it less daunting. A neutral palette for the larger items will give you a fabulous base in which to start adding colours in.

For instance, if your furniture is mostly whites and lighter colours you will find light, bright colours will work better. If your furniture is mostly black and dark you’ll need some bolder brights to stand up to it.

In the photo above you’ll see our Halcyon Haze art print fits perfectly against the mostly light grey surroundings. The light, bright pink brings some gorgeous feminine energy against the more masculine energy of the greys. If the desk and chair were black I would pick a bolder, brighter pink to make it stand out against the black.

Monochrome mode

Hart Home Decor Zebra Embrace Art Print Styled

Embrace Art Print – click to shop

Colours are fabulous but there are plenty among us who prefer to avoid colour altogether! Why not opt instead for classic black and white. We all know colour trends come and go, but the monochrome look never fades. Take a leaf out of the fashion world’s book and adorn your walls with this super chic interior style

Whether you are decorating your home, shop or office a gorgeous monochrome art work is the one of the most stunning wall decor styles.

And then why not ramp up your look one step further by bringing in one pop of colour in a bold accent. These three placed together below keep to the monochrome theme whilst injecting a hefty pink to really keep things interesting! It would be impossible not to be bowled over walking into a room and spotting this trio on the wall. Clean lines with a surprise burst of colour – I love it!

Chanel No.5 Perfume Bottle Pop Art Monochrome Print

Chanel No.5 Perfume Bottle Pop Art Monochrome Prints – click to shop

Mix & match for double (or triple) the beauty

Hart Home Decor Affordable Wall Decor Ideas and Styles

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Hanging wall decor that complements each other to create a matching set means twice – or even thrice – the beauty and style! Having more than one in the same spot offers massive impact as you walk into a room.

As you can see above these two work so well together. They give the room an instant boost of artistic kapow! When shopping online why not pin all your favourites on Pinterest, line them up next to on another one your board so you can choose which ones work best with ease! Plus you’ll have them all saved for when you are looking for inspiration later on down the line. So let’s get mixing and matching to your heart’s content!

I adore these three together! You can see they all different colours but there is a base tone in there that binds them all together. This creates a curated and well thought out look. Feel free to mix and match the sizes too. Don’t be tied down to keeping them all in uniform sizes. I personally love a gallery wall that features all different shapes and sizes. Plus I love the fact this takes the pressure off a bit if you’re not great at hanging in a straight line! 😂You can be little more creative with your hanging techniques!

Hart Home Decor Cockatoo Trio Art Print

Cockatoo Trio Art Print – click to shop

Make it fun and eclectic

Hart Home Decor Concrete Brick Hammock Love

Paddle Board Art & Concrete Brick Hammock Love – click to shop

There is nothing I love more than when people step outside the box when it comes to choosing pieces to adorn their walls! Who says that your wall decor needs to be limited to prints?! Making a wall vignette or cluster of eclectic items that you have picked up along the way make for a striking display.

I truly believe that art and artworks can be one of the most subtle and furthermore one of the loudest ways to express yourself. Use your walls to indulge parts of your personality we don’t often see. Pick up pieces made from concrete, wood, mirror, acrylic, bamboo, fine bone china….the list goes on!

Buying affordable wall decor that is ‘trendy’ is easy! You can do better than following the crowd. Give yourself the perfect excuse to go and lose yourself for a few hours online shopping and browsing Pinterest to really find pieces that make your heart sing! Art isn’t meant to be there to please other people. It is there for expressionism, for starting conversations. To illicit emotions and to make you feel at home. So if you find a piece you love then just go for it!


Hart Home Decor Eden Wooden Mandala Artwork

Wooden Mandala Artwork – click to shop

Let’s go geo

Hart Home Decor Geometric II Scandi Art Print Styled

Geometric II Scandi Art Print – click to shop

The definition of geometric is something associated with geometry, or the use of straight lines and shapes. An example of geometric is an art piece made from rectangles, squares and circles.

If you love all things contemporary and minimal then geometric artworks could become your new favourite thing! Geometric shapes are the basics that you learn about in school. This style of shape is made with connecting lines and has recognisable geometry. Squares, rectangles, circles, triangles and crosses are geometric shapes. This type of artwork often has symmetry and has a structured look and feel to it.

It is a fantastic look to focus on if you’re going for a contemporary Scandi style. It can bring a sense of calming structure to your walls whilst still being exciting.

This pair below are a great way to add some geo to your life They are the exact same print hung differently to create this awesome look. Sharp and vivid lines to really make a statement!


Hart Home Decor Adjunct Geometric Contemporary Retro Art Print

Adjunct Geometric Contemporary Retro Art Print – click to shop

Delightful decals

Hart Home Decor Peonies Wall Decal Desk

Peonies Wall Decal – click to shop

Wall decals are an extraordinary way to get your hands on some affordable wall decor! You can put them up and take them down as often as you want. Reposition them on the wall or even move them to a completely different room altogether!

These modern wall decals are especially fantastic for kids’ rooms. Use them in your first child’s nursery then simply transfer them to the next room as the newest additions to your family arrive.

This Peonies Wall Decal is one of my best sellers as it comes in 15 pieces. You can arrange them exactly as you want. All in one spot or spread out across a room or the house as a whole. Just peel, stick, remove, reuse – easy!


Embrace the abstract

Hart Home Decor Beck Lee Illustration Celestial Art Print Styled

Celestial Art Print – click to shop

The thought of buying abstract art may feel a little daunting without being an art aficionado. But all you really need to know is this. Abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect. That’s it!

Embrace abstract art for it’s colours, shapes and forms that catch your eye and make you want to keep looking. Just simply enjoy it and perceive it as you wish and think of it as a visual language.


“Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes….Abstract art enables the artist to perceive beyond the tangible, to extract the infinite out of the finite. It is the emancipation of the mind. It is an exploration into unknown areas.” 

Arshile Gorky

Beck Lee is one of my current favourite illustrators and her artworks found here are a great beginners starting point to an abstract addiction! Her art prints are beautiful with a feminine, ethereal edge. I find abstract art can work with virtually all interior styles.Another particular favourite artist of mine are the moment is Maggi McDonald. Her abstract style is approachable, affordable, colourful and striking. These kind of abstract artworks are perfect for mixing and matching on your walls.

Hart Home Decor Turn Your Magic On Print

Turn Your Magic On Print – click to shop

There’s a reason Jackson Pollock was commonly considered a pioneer in abstract art. His troubled life apparently lead him to this type of art that had never been seen before. The public drank it up because they were suddenly allowed to interpret it exactly as they saw it.

This style of painting will never go out of style that’s for sure! And who knows – the wall decor you pay less than $200 for today might be the next Jackson Pollock!

Tremendous typography

Yellow Ark Joie De Vivre Art Print

Joie De Vivre Art Print – click to shop

Typography has always been super approachable as an art form but it’s certainly taken a huge leap in popularity in recent years. It is, quite simply put, the art and technique of arranging type. It’s central to the skills of a designer and is about much more than just making the words legible. It is said that really good typography is down to creative intuition!

The word “typography” in English comes from the Greek roots typos = “impression” and graphia = “writing”

I adore the latest range from Yellow Ark here. She has mixed monochrome typography with soft pinks, greys to add some colour and depth to her range.

Typography takes many forms including sometimes very cheeky! It can be motivational, inspiring, thought provoking, loving, sarcastic and downright comical!

You can see how popular this art form has become just from looking around you. It’s in fashion, on homewares, coffee cups, note pads, underwear, laptop cases….to name but a few!

Why not email me with your favourite quote or saying and I can help you get this on a unique print for your walls! Typography can be really personal to you. It can get you out of bed in the morning and help you to switch off and relax at night. One of the most versatile ways to express yourself!

My favourite quote to have as a typography art print is a Shakespearian quote:

“And though she may be but little, she is fierce”

Why not have a browse on Pinterest for some amazing quotes to get yourself inspired for your next piece of typography artwork. There is so much out there to choose from you may find your only problem is which one to pick first. Remember I can help with this with my styling advisory service. I often spend my days helping clients sift through all the ideas they have to finally drill down what will work best for them. It’s one of the best parts of my job – helping with the art overwhelm!

Ok that’s my top tips for the day done and dusted! I do hope you enjoyed this one. Everyone loves new piece of art!

Hope you have a lovely day and I’ll be back next week with some more tips for your home and interiors. 

See you tomorrow across my social media for some more gorgeous home decor, interiors inspiration and styling lusting!

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