Gallery Wall Idea #6

Gallery Wall Ideas #6


Peacock Feathers Art Print Wanderer Art Print Speckled Feather Art Print

The flight of the feather!

This week’s Gallery Wall Idea is inspired by our constant desire to travel and wander.

I love the idea of travelling wherever you feel like, whenever you feel like – that’s how I intend to spend my retirement years!

These three prints together are a floaty, fly way reminder to make sure you take time out of your busy lives to see the world and relax whist you’re doing it. Where’s your next trip booked to? I’m desperate to visit San Francisco. I just feel like I would love it!

Anyway, enough dreaming for now…these prints start from just $22 and all have free shipping all day, every day.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Gallery Wall Idea mood board coming soon!

Happy Browsing!

Love Tiffany x

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