Hart Home Decor The ultimate guide to moving home!

Hart Home Decor Moving Into Your New Home Moving Guide

Anyone who has moved home even just once knows that it can be a stressful and messy process. I’ve moved over 20 times in as many years so I’ve now got myself super organised and know the plan of action off by heart! However if you’re not as crazy as me and are thinking about moving or getting ready to move the this guide will keep you organised and (semi!) sane during the process!

Our friends at Smooth Moves are the experts and they have put together all the little things you need to think of or remember to make your move run way more smoothly. Here’s what they have got to say ➡

We’ve spent over a decade moving countless homes all over Sydney and its surrounding suburbs and in that time have seen more than our fair share of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to moving. “Failing to plan is planning to fail” as they say, so save yourself the trouble and put our Moving House Checklist to good use!

Our guidance and tips will ensure you have a smooth and hassle-free move and because it covers all the details big and small, you can have peace of mind that nothing will be forgotten!

This guide will walk you through the steps leading up to the move and all the supplies and other parties required, including:

  • 4-6 weeks before moving – Preparation and planning
  • 2-4 weeks before moving – Organising, packing and ensuring everything is ready for the move
  • Moving Day
  • After the move

4-6 weeks before moving

People to contact:


Organise how to break rent lease if necessary

Update all addresses and set up mail redirection for banks, phone bills, subscriptions and any licences

Disconnect and transfer service providers for internet and utilities

Schedule time off work for the move

People to hire:


Cleaning company


Storage lockers

Moving insurance

Any additional moving transport

Babysitters / pet-sitters

2-4 weeks before moving


Check under the house, garage, shed and garden for any times you might forget later

Remove as many unnecessary or unused items as possible and donate to charity shops, sell or giveaway to friends or family

Measure you new home

Allocate and arrange placement for current furniture

Gather supplies:

Moving boxes

Packing tape

Markers and pens / box labels

Fragile tape

Newspaper / packing paper

Bubble wrap

Create an inventory list of items (furniture, boxes) to use as a checklist on moving day

Start packing:

Label boxes according to room or type of contents such as kitchen, valuable, fragile and day packs for moving day with all your essentials in like toiletries, medications and chargers.

Prepare and pack appliances – defrost freezer and clean out fridge

Disassemble furniture

Reconfirm with the appropriate parties i.e. removalists, babysitters, pet-sitters and transport

Moving day

Have a plan:

Have a backup place to stay in case the move takes longer than one day

Ensure you have a transport back up

Keep your essentials day pack with you at all times

Leave a forwarding address or contact number for the new owners / tenants

Stick to your moving checklist

Do a final check of the property

Leave it to the professionals:

Make sure parking is available for all professionals

Ensure the moving truck that turns up is from the company you booked

Have payment sorted or ready

Walk through with removalists

Take inventory with the removalists

1-2 weeks after moving

Settle in:

Arrange a final inspection with the real estate agent

Return keys


Assemble and place furniture according to floor-plan

Unpack on a room to room basis, start with high use items like kitchen items

Check all appliances are working

Take inventory to ensure nothing is missing


Set up some Pinterest boards and start to create mood boards – I can help you with this with my Interior Styling service here

Create a list and let’s go shopping – as part of my Interior Styling service I also offer personal shopping so why not shoot me an email to discuss?

I hope you have enjoyed reading and see you soon for more interiors musing!

Love Tiffany x

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