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Who loves boho chic?! I was lucky enough to be asked by the fab John Linden in America’s West Coast to comment on his latest article about The Best Boho Wall Paper – read on below to find out our top tips on the latest trends in home decor and boho chic decor and style!

Golden Rule Of Boho Design

“… Less Is More. Pick A Few Pieces That You Love Like A Gorgeous Throw, Some Artwork And Your Favourite Travel Curio And Style Around Them. The Best Part Is You Can Add To This Style With Abandon And Not Having To Worry If Things ‘Match’ – Tiffany Jade Benn from Hart Home Decor


Bohemian Wallpaper

Say what you will about hippies, but they’ve certainly got great taste. Since the late 19th century, bohemians have been responsible for bringing all kinds of unique designs into mainstream culture. &&
Much of their influence has to do with the fact that, traditionally, bohemians had very limited resources. Living in small homes on the outskirts of society, these artists and free spirits had to make the most with what they had. Oftentimes, this meant that they couldn’t afford the goods that were in fashion.

Boho Wall Paper in Interior by Sarah Wittenbraker

Instead, 19th and early 20th-century bohemians would source their goods from less expensive markets. They’d employ refuse and secondhand materials to make their clothing, furniture, and other necessities. And, as creative folks, they had an eye for beautiful things. So just because they were poor didn’t mean that their homes looked dingy.

Over time, the boho aesthetic has had a large impact on design. It’s especially noticeable in wallpaper. Bohemians LOVE dense, complex patterns that feature flowers and other organic shapes. So, if you’re looking to decorate like a true bohemian, you’re definitely going to need some nice wallpaper.

Golden Rule Of Boho Design

“A Nature Based Bohemian Design Is The Perfect Way To Make Your Individual Style Statement Whilst Keeping A Relaxed, Dreamy Feel To Your Home.” – Petria Leggo-Field of Coco Rose Interiors

Classic Motifs of Boho Decor and Wallpaper

Boho aesthetics range in style. After all, this design style was born from the amalgamation of a bunch of different looks. There is some Asian influence, a bit of mid-century modern, and a sprinkle of vintage/rustic styles, as well. Depending on who’s decorating, each of these elements is employed to various degrees.

When it comes to wallpaper, though, there are a few motifs that really scream “boho!”. Any of these styles will set the perfect stage for a bohemian dream home.

Paisley Similar to flowers but with an extra bit of boho flair. Middle Eastern motifs show up a lot in boho design, and paisley comes straight from Persia. Not a bad choice if you can get your hands on a roll of paisley wallpaper.

Hart Home Decor The Most Chic Floral Wallpaper West Elm

Floral Wallpaper West Elm

Floral Bohemians love flowers. All types, too. While there are definitely some floral patterns that might look out of place in a bohemian home, most flower-patterned wallpaper looks great behind a veil of patchouli smoke.

Boho Wallpaper Graham & Brown

Ikat Another Middle Eastern style, Ikat patterns are named for the dying technique that’s traditionally used to create them. Ikat patterns range in style, but nearly all of them would fit a bohemian dwelling space quite nicely.

Ok, I’m done for the day! I do hope you enjoyed today’s top tips!

See you tomorrow for some more interiors inspiration and styling lusting!

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