Hart Home Decor Styling your newborn's nursery

It’s so exciting for any soon to be parents to start decorating the room of their impending bundle of joy! There are so many things to think about especially if you are a first time parent.

And thankfully the days of just pink or blue are long gone. Your choices and options for truly making this room an extension of your interior style are limitless.

My favourite type of nursery is a more gender neutral one. This helps for any future additions to the family as the furniture and decor can be passed down. I really love the idea of not wasting or throwing any of it away – not only is it super cute to pass it on to their siblings but also kinder to our environment!

Hart Home Decor Make a plan

Before you start buying up all your new decor for the nursery – make a plan.

Start with the 4 walls. Decide if the room needs a clean lick of paint or a new carpet. Getting this all completed well in advance will ensure the room doesn’t have a strong smell of paint or new carpet before the baby arrives. Also make sure all the plug points are safe and working.

Double checking the lighting works and have a think about what type of extra side lighting you will need for night time.

You’ll need to make sure you have plug points in the correct spots as you wont want extension cords everywhere ruining your beautifully styled room!

Has the room got sufficient heating or cooling? If not you’ll need to decide which items you need to combat this whilst making sure it’s comfortable for baby. You wont want your little one’s cot right next to any vents or units.

Hart Home Decor Furniture

It’s very tempting to buy all sorts of wonderful pieces of furniture when you’re styling your nursery! But actually it’s worth remembering that newborn’s don’t really need that much – especially as they grow so quickly (tooooo cute!).

The things you must have of course are a cot or bassinet, some seating for nursing, a changing table – with storage if possible otherwise you will need some extra storage for all the super cute clothes all your friends and family will buy!

It also helps to buy pieces that can be used once the little ones have grown. Search out items that have a dual purpose like a change table that has a removable top and drawers. Over time you will no longer need the seating or armchair you choose for nursing baby so why not pick one that you love enough to move to other parts of the house over time.

Hart Home Decor Take your time

Try to take a deep breath when you start thinking about all this and not to get overwhelmed. Don’t rush things as you may make purchases that end up costly and unnecessary.

Friends and family will be just as excited as you about the newborn’s arrival so remember to ask for their help and advice. There are so many products and styles available now for your nursery – plus there is something for all budgets too. Hart Home Decor Educational accents

I personally think that it’s never too early to start learning. Which is why I am such a huge fan of gorgeous artworks for the nursery that are also educational.

There are so many styles to choose from now too! Whether you are going for a monochrome room or whimsical look we have some artwork for you. Why not pick a range with letters, numbers and colours.

As your child grows they will surely become fasciated to learn what it all means. And as they see it everyday they will be streets ahead in no time!

Shop our children’s prints here with free shipping of course just because I love you!

Hart Home Decor Personalised details

There is nothing cuter than a bit of personalised decor to make your nursery truly home for your new arrival!

It’s so sweet to see their names on items as you know they will treasure them for years to come. Plus it of course gives them a head start on learning how to spell their own name too.

You can basically put their name on pretty much anything these days!

Check out our Personalised Accessories section here for so many ideas for your home. Get inspired by all the different styles, colours, woods and textiles. We have personalised storage sacks, wall hangings, prints, birth prints, cushions, blankets, banners, garlands and dreamcatchers!

Time to get creative wouldn’t you say?

Hart Home Decor Marvellous mobiles

Mobiles above your newborn’s crib or cot have always been a gorgeous traditional element to their room. Now there are many modern alternatives to the old fashioned mobile styles.

If you are going for a more gender neutral theme to your room (my favourite!) then our range of mobiles will definitely fit! Many are made from bamboo so have gorgeous natural tones. We also have a super cute range of dream catchers which can be left natural or painted to match your colour scheme. These can even be personalised too! So many options, so little time!

Hart Home Decor Shelfie styling

Style up a gorgeous shelf with all their stylish items. You are bound to get lots of super cute pressies from your friends and family which will be perfectly displayed on their very own shelf.

The shelf or shelves can stay with them as they grow. Even when they are as big as everyone’s favourite Melbourne resident Reid – seen here in the amazing home his super Dad’s have built for them all! Shop our shelf range here.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and see you soon for more interiors musing!

Love Tiffany x

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