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A Fort BlissTexas, soldier on Friday was sentenced to more than 18 years in prison and slapped with a dishonorable discharge after being found guilty of sexually assaulting multiple women, one of whom later died from a drug overdose. Christian Alvarado was convicted of raping Pfc. Asia Graham on Dec. One year later, on New Year's Eve, she was found dead in a barracks room.

Investigators say the cause of death was an "accidental mixed drug" consisting of fentanyl and multiple synthetic cannabinoids, according to a statement from Fort Bliss.

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Alvarado was also convicted of two other attacks: a rape in May against a victim who was too intoxicated to consent and an assault in August that included penetrating a victim with his fingers and choking them, according to his charge sheet. It is unclear whether those attacks were on different women; the names were redacted from court records.

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Then a Pilot Died. One woman did not participate in the court-martial, and charges related to her claims were dismissed.

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Witnesses included Alvarado's ex-girlfriend, who testified that he tackled her during an argument and lifted her off the ground by her ponytail. Alvarado was also found guilty of one count of lying to investigators when he said he and Graham had consensual sex.

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According to his charge sheet, "the statement was totally false. A Rand Corp. Beynon military.

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Follow him on Twitter StevenBeynon. The now-jailed Lt. Stu Scheller is hoping to strike a legal deal to avoid trial and leave the service with an honorable The refugees were flown out of Afghanistan in August amid the chaotic military evacuation and a stunning Taliban takeover of For the first time in five years, all three components of the Air Force achieved both their recruiting goals and end strength The effort requires the U.

The Army is tweaking its retention program for next fiscal year, which starts Oct. Stu Scheller is "in pre-trial confinement" while he awaits an Article 32 preliminary hearing, a Marine Corps President Donald Trump empowered the three to serve as advisers and organizers at the VA despite not having U.

Deadlines for military family members and retirees using expired ID cards during the pandemic are approaching or have passed The uniform is a marked departure from the dress blues of the Air Force, from which the Space Force was spun off in Pentagon officials claimed, however, that compared to years, the increase is not statistically ificant.

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Sex Dating Fort Bliss Texas

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Fort Bliss soldier Pfc. Christian Alvarado sentenced to 18 years in sexual assault cases