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Date: This event took place on April 23, Successful, environmentally aware exploration and mineral extraction requires effective analyses of the textures and microstructures of ore-bearing rocks. However, conventional techniques are either slow e.

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In this webcast, the speakers will describe recent advances in two of the most widely applicable scanning electron microscope SEM based microanalysis techniques: energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry EDS and electron backscatter diffraction EBSD. In combination, these techniques enable effective characterisation of whole rock thin sections in a matter of minutes and provide all of the information required to understand ore mineralogy, such as modal analysis, grain size, mineral and elemental deportment, as well as more in-depth understanding such as chemical zoning, deformation mechanisms and crystallographic fabrics.

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Watch on-demand. Register now to ensure that you receive information on how to gain access after the live event. The sponsor retains sole responsibility for content. About this content. Pat Trimby graduated with a degree in Geology from Oxford University.

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He ed Oxford Instruments in and has always worked with a strong focus in microanalysis using the scanning electron microscope. Pat has focused his research on developing new analytical approaches, in particular using electron backscatter diffraction EBSD. Alexandra Stavropoulou is a geologist by training.

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Her research interests expand to geobiology and the tracking of the origins of life. ly he ran science events at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. His doctoral thesis focused on identifying polymorphisms associated with diurnal preference and circadian sleep disorders. The impact of recent developments in SEM-based microanalysis techniques Date: This event took place on April 23, Custom webcast sponsor retains sole responsibility for content. Register now.

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