Relationship to settle down

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While I have somewhat settled down by getting married, I still have a decent of friends that are flying solo and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

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Instead, we have to rely on good old self-reflection. While loving yourself can mean different things for different people, it generally means creating boundaries that keep you healthy and safe, speaking your truth, taking care of your mind and body, and enjoying a good dose of self-confidence. Sadly, a lot of people view marriage or long-term commitments as Official Relationship Ruiners. Maybe you dread the idea of commitment because saw your own parents get divorced, or experienced a toxic relationship yourself.

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Either way, you should consider whether you really want to settle down. However, if the thought of commitment brings to mind images of chains, locks, and general prison-y vibes, settling down might still be a ways off.

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Or, more importantly, ask yourself if you want to build a future with this person. Take care of you, learn how to love yourself, and, when the time comes, you might be surprised at how ready you are.

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What do you really think of marriage? Do you see a clear future with your ificant other? posts by this author.

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Relationship to settle down

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