Refresh your home with my interior decorating tips for the New Year!

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Begin Pin-ing

First things first. If you feel like some sort of change or refresh in your home but are not quite sure what it is to be yet then Pinterest will be your best friend!

Use the next few weeks to browse the app on your phone whenever you get a spare 5 minutes. Create different mood boards for rooms, styles and colour palettes. This way you can really start to discover your own personal style. Furthermore, you will start to fall in love with things that you had never thought of or seen before! That’s the whole fun of it!

It will soon become your go-to place for new ideas for your home.

Start with art

One of the best places to start when redesigning a room is with a piece of art that you love. Spend some time finding a piece of art that really lights up your life and you can’t really go wrong! Don’t make any compromises with your art choices – you have to look at them every day so make sure you are really in love before buying.

Often art is chosen last but I certainly feel that it is a fantastic starting point as it is such a personal choice and can really set the tone. You could choose from one large artwork or a series that have a common theme that ties them all together.

If you are keen to have a gallery wall then start with the largest artwork or print and work out from there with different sizes and frames. This will add texture and interest to the wall.

You can then build the rest of the room from that art. Pull in colours and textures from the artwork(s) to give your room a wonderfully harmonious flow.

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If you want a FREE one-on-one art consultation with me then simply sign up here. Answer a few short questions and I will then personally hand select 5 artworks that you can then easily have delivered straight to your door!

Plants are best

We all love a gorgeous green plant but don’t underestimate how quickly and easily a plant can transform your room. If you have an awkward or bare corner or spot why not add a Bamboo Palm? These will add some height and drama to any space!

The deep green foliage of the bamboo palm makes it a fantastic houseplant. It has exceptional shade tolerance and this palm rugged enough to sit in a bright window.

Need to know:

  • they filter the air in your home – yay for healthy plants
  • likes well drained soil so not to be left in standing water
  • just keep the soil consistently moist
  • good rugged plants that are pretty hard to kill
Hart Home Decor Bamboo Palm Photo Courtesy In Honor Of Design

Bamboo Palm Photo Courtesy In Honor Of Design

A few more fabulous things about these plants is that they are super popular so very easy to find and super affordable too – double whammy!

Discover all my favourite plants that survive in low light in my last blog post here. Plus here is another post on lots of swoon worthy indoor plants for the brown thumbed among us!

Make a statement

Adding a new statement rug to your room will not only change the whole feel of the room but will also add some welcome comfort underfoot. You can make a big statement without making too much of an investment or any permanent change.

When considering which one to buy my top tip is to go for a short pile. More plush piles can be susceptible to getting crushed as you walk on them. And furthermore they can shed more causing you more housework (aarrgghh no thanks!). I currently have a rather shaggy rug in my lounge area and quite frankly it basically looks flat all the time so constantly needs shaking out and then delightfully fills my vacuum cleaner with cream fluff!

If you are clumsy (like me – don’t give me a red wine!!) or are searching for a rug for a high traffic area try to get one that has a pattern. It will be much more forgiving and will disguise crumbs and stains until you get chance to give it it’s regular clean!

Choosing a rug for the bedroom? Try to get one that can go underneath the bed and is big enough to cover two thirds of the floor under the bed with the pillow end left without any rug underneath it.

Rug Placement Under A Bed Photo Courtesy Living Etc

If choosing a rug for a dining area the furniture should sit completely on the rug with enough room around the edges for the chairs to be pushed out. This way you’ll avoid guests tripping themselves and their chair up when moving in and out from under the table!

Invest wisely

When buying the bigger items for a room it is much better to invest in good quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Try not to be tempted by super trendy designs that will date way before you can wear them out!

If you have a good quality sofa or bed you can update the look of these with soft furnishings and bedding. Use cushions, pillows, throw rugs and bed linen. These can replaced when worn out at a much lower cost than buying a whole new piece of furniture that has seen better (trendier!) days.

Plus remember that the decor items like cushions and throws are the best way to really show your personality and style in your home. Your tastes will change over time so these items can reflect that instead of your sofa or bed!

Soft minimalism

This way of styling a home is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. I personally love it! Minimalism it too stark for me so softening it up with a liveable warm style is just wonderful.

I love to style my homes in a soft luxurious style but I cannot stand clutter so soft minimalism was made for me! Having a cosy luxurious throw with a few velvet style cushions on a sofa is my idea of heaven without being over the top and looking messy as soon as someone sits down.

It’s all about what is really important to you in your home and sticking to that. Here are my top tips for achieving this style:

  • Declutter: you will need to start with a good declutter! I love to declutter and I’ve written 3 articles on it – I may be slightly obsessed! Keep your home decluttered all year with this easy tips plus Tiffany’s Tips For An Easy Declutter and don’t forget Declutter Your Wardrobe Quickly & Simply. All your items need a home and you need to store away anything that isn’t used regularly or is unnecessary. Follow all my tips in these 3 posts above and you will be well on your way to a clutter free home! It’s blissful I promise you and worth the work – your house will be clear and so will your mind!
  • Get curvy: When buying items for this style think ‘curved edges’. Everything needs to be comfortable not only to relax on but also to look at. Sharp edges are not especially gentle on the body, soul or eyes!
  • Bring nature to the party: try to bring lots of lovely natural light in to your home, use raw materials and subtly introduce some greenery in.
  • Palette: You can choose to keep the colour palette for this theme neutral if wish and it will be wonderful. However, if you are confident in introducing colour, try to head towards dusty rose, sage, fleshy nudes and even terracotta for the ultimate soft minimalist look.

Bathroom boldness

Most bathrooms have a relatively neutral palette and with good reason. Changing coloured tiles is an expensive and time consuming task. Any sort of colour in the bathroom is at risk of dating and before you know it your bathroom looks like the place that time forgot! My bathroom is exactly like that at the moment and needs a renovation. It has light brown / cream mosaic tiles from floor to ceiling and I cannot wait to get rid of them! I’ll be going for all white tiles, the bigger the better to make the bathroom feel more spacious.

Tiffany’s Bathroom – arrgggh check out those tiles!

So assuming you have a nice neutral bathroom why not add some lush towels with fun patterns or colours? You can really inject some of your personality into the space without breaking the bank. And lucky for you I stock some serious gorgeous bright towels that are perfect for this! This stunning range from Sunday Minx are top notch pure Turkish cotton, which is known for its incredible softness and absorbency. Wrap yourself in some serious luxe!

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Ok that’s my top tips for the day done and dusted! I do hope you enjoyed this one!

I’ll be back next week with some more tips for your home and interiors. 

See you tomorrow across my social media for some more gorgeous home decor, interiors inspiration and styling lusting!

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Love Tiffany x

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