Crysta The Petal Fairy Print In Blue

Crysta The Petal Fairy Print In Blue. Introducing Crysta.

Many fairies have very special jobs, you have the tooth fairy who is obviously in charge of tooth collection and coin distribution, well Crysta is a petal fairy!!

She’s in charge of making sure all the spring petals are just the right shade and colour. Her favourite colour to make petals is pink, she did one time get in trouble for making too many pink petals, I mean who’s ever heard of too much pink, but we won’t go into that..

You will often find Crysta practicing her ballet leaps and twirls from petal to petal. Her dream is to dance on stage at the toadstool ballet one day!

Designed to add love and magic to your little ones bedrooms, this print is available in numerous sizes from A5-A2

Printed with archival ink on your choice of matte or Fine Art textured paper

Packaged with care and you will love it’s stunning quality

Shipped in 1-4 business days

Meet the Designer

My name is Shannon and I am the owner/artist behind the brand Isla Dream Prints. Mother of Jacob aged 11 and Isla aged 3.

Isla was the obvious inspiration behind the name- and as special as incorporating both children would have been, Jacob was a little old for nursery art.

This little art journey of mine started rather spontaneously.

At 27, after years of studying everything and anything you could think of I ventured into makeup and face paint professionally.

It was the first time in my life I felt true raw passion about what I was doing. I woke every single day with hearts in my eyes, ready to experiment, but soon realised it was only the creative and themed jobs I was getting excited about.

(Unfortunately for me, Halloween was one day a year and my clients weren’t booking me to transform them into mermaids and unicorns!..)

So I thought I would try my luck on paper, bought some watercolours and here I am now at 30! A children’s nursery artist…

Finally I know this is where I am meant to be and every day I am grateful. I adore sharing my work with you all and having my pictures welcomed in to your homes. My heart is so full and it is your appreciation, encouragement and support that made this happen. Thank you endlessly.