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Are you a little like me and in need of some serious help when it comes to looking after plants? I was born with a brown thumb which truly sucks. Especially as my Mother has the greenest of thumbs known to man! She tries to help me hone my skills somewhat but I still manage to not do a great job of it. Therefore I am always on the lookout for plants that are easy to care for but also can survive in low sunlight in my apartment. So I decided to compile a list of all the plants that will survive even if you don’t have a sun drenched home! You’re welcome!

Hart Home Decor Pothos Indoor Plant That Can Survive Low Light

Pothos Indoor Plant

The Pothos Plant

This handsome fellow is considered to be a great way to get started caring for houseplants by many brown thumbers. Undemanding and easy to care for this stunning plant is a simple way to get some gorgeous greens in to your home.

Need to know:

  • super easy to care for and can basically live wherever you put them
  • they love low light as well as bright (indirect) light
  • easy to grow in dry soil or even vases of water
  • will grow in most soils
  • perfect for your office or study or even the bathroom as only low light needed
  • best to keep out of direct sunlight
  • also best to choose the non variegated versions for low light areas

One of the best things about these babies is that you can simply take a cutting from a mother plant and just stick it in water! It will root like this and can furthermore be kept like this for good. Yay not even any messy soil – that’s got to be a winner!

Hart Home Decor Anthurium Plants Can Survive In Low Light

Anthurium Plant

Anthurium Plant

A somewhat slightly phallic plant but you cannot deny that burst of colour would be wonderful in any home! These girls bloom in red, white or pink and rebloom well in medium to low light.

Need to know:

  • can tolerate all levels of light
  • low light simply means a few less flowers and will grow slightly slower
  • direct sunlight will burn the leaves
  • likes free draining soil and prefers it not continually moist
  • only water when soil is dry to touch


Lucky Bamboo

This Lucky Bamboo is a fascinating houseplant that grows in water! It’s the perfect plant for beginners and non-green thumbed folk. It’s also quite striking so is bound to give your visitors a talking point.

Need to know:

  • can grow long term in water or soil
  • the stems can tolerate bright light down to low light (just wont grow as much in low light)
  • will burn in direct sunlight
  • water only needs to be changed every 1-2 months
  • use purified water if your local water is ‘hard’
  • needs 2-3 cms around the base to spread it’s roots
  • keep roots covered with water at all times

In Chinese culture apparently 3 stems are best as this represents happiness, long life and wealth. Sounds wonderful to me!

Hart Home Decor Peace Lily Plants That Survive In Low Light

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

I can personally vouch for these being great, easy care plants. My brother & sister-in-law have one in their home which gets minimal light. Furthermore it gets watered basically when one of us remembers and it’s going great guns!

Need to know:

  • dark green lush foliage
  • great indoors in low light
  • perfect for flats and offices
  • best to keep soil moist at all times
  • reduce watering during the cooler months
  • it lets you know if it needs water as it wilts and will come back to life after you water it
  • loves warmth but not direct light

Gorgeous tall white flowers that appear all year round are a huge bonus!

Hart Home Decor English Ivy Plants That Can Survive In Low Light

English Ivy

English Ivy

Ivy can truly make a wonderful, bright light plant for your home! It can grow long and lush and furthermore bring a bit of the outdoors inside.

Need to know:

  • a truly elegant choice (ok, you didn’t NEED to know that but I think it’s important 😊)
  • can grow in full sun or full shade
  • also can be trained into shapes – how cool
  • likes soil slightly on the dry side so check before you water
  • needs good drainage
  • you can put it under a gentle shower to clean and dust the leaves
  • easier to clean than the dog

There is a dizzying amount of variations of Ivy but the English Ivy is the most common type for indoor living (makes sense!).

Hart Home Decor Bamboo Palm Photo Courtesy In Honor Of Design

Bamboo Palm Photo Courtesy In Honor Of Design

Bamboo Palm

Deep green foliage of the bamboo palm makes a fantastic houseplant. It has exceptional shade tolerance and this palm rugged enough to sit in a bright window.

Need to know:

  • they filter the air in your home – yay for healthy plants
  • likes well drained soil so not to be left in standing water
  • just keep the soil consistently moist
  • good rugged plants that are pretty hard to kill

A few more fabulous things about these plants is that they are super popular so very easy to find and super affordable too – double whammy!

Hart Home Decor Chinese Evergreen Photo Courtesy Bakker

Chinese Evergreen Photo Courtesy Bakker

Chinese Evergreen

Think indoor plants require masses of effort? Think again! This Chinese Evergreen can make even the most novice gardener look like an expert. Furthermore it’s one of the most durable indoor plants you can grow as it tolerates low light and dry air.

Need to know:

  • they thrive in medium to low light
  • love well drained soil so check your pot before planting
  • it is very likely to keep on going if you forget the odd water now and then
  • hardy AF and only require moderate watering

You will find these babies  in many varieties, including variegated forms. So why not grab a couple and add some variety to your home!

Ok that’s my top tips for the day done and dusted! I do hope you enjoyed this one – we all love plants so I figured any information I could gather for you would be useful!

I’m off for a massive wine and probably too much dark chocolate 😊 hope you have a lovely evening and I’ll be back next week with some more tips for your home and interiors. 

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