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Studies suggest such misconduct is rampant in the US. Note: this piece contains s that may be triggering for survivors of sexual assault. It was just after 10pm on 16 Octoberand Phoenix, Arizonaofficer Anthony Armour had pulled her over into a dark parking lot. Once the year-old woman attempted to record him with her phone, he grabbed her by the wrist, forced her out, pinned her against the car, handcuffed her and began his search — running his hands under her shirt, cupping her breast, and then moving his hands into her pockets and eventually down her pants and thigh, according to her.

As he moved her into the back of his patrol car, she thought of a Black woman like her, Sandra Bland, who was pulled over and died in custody three months prior. Anderson fainted.

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When she later got her phone back from police, Anderson discovered that someone, probably Armour, had used her camera to take a photo of her on the ground with a male police officer standing above her, according to a lawsuit she later filed against the city that detailed her of sexual assault. Anderson is speaking out for the first time as the US is grappling with the deadly and racist legacy of law enforcement institutions. In the wake of the George Floyd uprisingspolice in cities across the country are starting to face scrutinyand some consequencesfor using fatal force, and mayors and chiefs are pledging to restrict the violent tactics that make America an international leader in police killings.

But there has been little reckoning over one prevalent form of brutality entrenched in the culture of US law enforcement — the epidemic of sexual abuse by the police. Studies have suggested that sexual misconduct on the job is rampant with one investigation finding roughly 1, officers lost their badges for rape and other sexual offenses in a six-year period. The Phoenix police department has one of the deadliest records in the country and a history of sexual abuse cases.

Records obtained by the Guardian reveal that officer Armour has multiple assault and misconduct allegations on his record, including sexual Phoenix black women for sex, but has only faced a temporary suspension for one incident. Anderson had never been arrested before that night. A longtime Phoenix resident working in healthcare credentialing, she had gone out that evening to pick up allergy medication from a pharmacy and cash from an ATM.

Her Yorkshire terrier, Dallas, was in the passenger seat when Anderson heard tires squealing and saw a police SUV turn around and start trailing her. Anderson wanted a witness to the encounter, but Armour refused to call anyone. She cried as he started groping her and then fell silent. In the police car, she recalled suffering panic attacks and collapsing face forward.

No one seemed to take her health concerns seriously, even though paramedics arrived to treat her elevated blood pressure. While she was sitting on the curb in custody waiting for a friend to arrive to get her dog, Dallas came up to her and licked the tears off her face.

She pleaded not to be taken alone with Armour, but the officer drove her away to the Phoenix jail. Between andthere were cases of forcible rape by police in the US, according to Philip Stinson, a Bowling Green State University criminal justice professor. An officer is accused of sexual misconductthe second most common complaint against officers, at least once every five days in the US, according to one analysis.

Police typically target the most vulnerable people. In a seven-year period, Stinson found that half of the sexual misconduct arrests against officers involved minors. Daniel Holtzclawa serial rapist, was convicted for targeting eight Black women in Oklahoma when he was in uniform. Officers frequently assault women of color, domestic violence victims, informants and women facing traffic stops, experts say.

In Phoenix, advocates say the same police culture that allows officers to kill with impunity has enabled officer attacks on vulnerable women. In June, Phoenix prosecutors announced charges against officer Sean Penawho allegedly raped one woman who he had handcuffed and sexually assaulted another.

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InPhoenix officer Timothy Morris was charged with sexually assaulting a handcuffed womanbut was acquitted after he claimed it was consensual. In July, the Guardian also uncovered body-camera footage showing a male officer tackling and slamming a young woman to the ground during a routine traffic stop.

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The department said it was justified. Ina woman accused him and a colleague of pulling her over for no reason into an alley and interrogating her alone at 2. When he arrived at her door, she had a knife in her hand, and Armour ended up shooting her. She survived and was charged with assault and drug possession. In Februaryhe was also accused of pushing a woman to the ground and leaving her on the concrete during an arrest. Phoenix police reports said there were no violations, and no actions were taken.

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He received an hour suspension. She spent two years behind bars. During that time, she was recovering from physical injuries from the arrest, including a long-term shoulder injury, according to her complaint. Attorneys for Armour did not respond to inquiries, but in court have said he denies her sexual assault and excessive force allegations and did not take a photo of her with her phone.

For survivors, the process of reporting sexual assault by police can be harrowing. In DecemberPhoenix police stopped Erica Reynolds as part of a drug investigation, and although they found no evidence in her car, took her to a police station.

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There, officers made her strip naked and conducted searches of her anal and vaginal cavities, which did not turn up any drugs. The doctors did what they typically do when a patient reports sexual assault — they called the police.

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Reynolds ultimately was never charged with any drug crimes. While police acknowledged the search was out of policy and paid Reynolds a settlement, the department never acknowledged it constituted sexual assault. One officer received a hour suspension, but the officials who ordered the illegal search were not punished.

They all remain on duty. Efforts to curb police violence, including sexual assault, have repeatedly fallen short. Now, advocates are hoping the calls to defund the police could provide a new way forward. On their best days, they show up after a harm has happened and collect evidence.

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On their worst days, they are committing crimes themselves. Reynolds said it was hard not to think of all the resources police put into investigating her, assaulting her and then continuing to pursue a case against her. How much funding do you need to come over here to pull people over?

Advocates say funds could be reinvested in shelters, services and other programs that help victims. Her relationship fell apart. I was angry. I was always hurt. There would be times I would be afraid to leave my house. Anderson eventually left Phoenix. Police officers are supposed to serve and protect, but there was no one there to protect me that night. In the US, Rainn offers support at or by chat at www. In the UK, Supportline can be reached at In Australia, support is available at Respect or www.

Other international helplines can be found at www. US policing. JeAnna Anderson said when she was pulled over in for a registration issue, the officer sexually assaulted her, then arrested her. Sam Levin. Mon 10 Aug Revealed: Phoenix officer assaulted woman during minor traffic stop, then took her to jail. Reuse this content.

Phoenix black women for sex

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