Need a mistress to serve

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Pleasing the Mistress must not be mistaken with getting a task.

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Tasks mean to train the slave, to bring him deeper into service, and, of course, to break his manhood to be molded as a slave. Many men call me for the first time with the urge of getting a «submissive task» because they crave this delicious feeling of getting conquered in their dignity.

A task brings short-time benefits to the slave and immediate satisfaction after getting and achieving it, while it may eventually benefit the Mistress in the long term.

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Satisfaction because the recipient of the task sees self-improvement through discipline and growing commitment. Reaching the subspace is a delight for the slave or the submissive, a delight that cannot be provided without real skills and experience from the dominant.

Get the Most Out of Looking for a Mistress

The Dominant feels great satisfaction from watching the submissive sink deeper. Tasks mean training the submissive to achieve this goal. Serving a Dominant is far from being easy. Many confuse the urge to serve with the need of being taken to the delicious subspace and aroused. The explanation resides in forced narcissism into male brains by a patriarchal society, from a young age, the cognitive dissonance between the need to serve and the male ego ends up being painful, leading to a constant unsatisfaction.

Even worse, as they have not been taught how to deal with frustration, this unsatisfaction increases the narcissist behaviors, as they reach the state of uncivilized creatures who will never be admitted in the exquisite company of a Dominant woman. For some of them, is too late. For the ones who are aware of their necessity to serve and embrace this identity fully, finding someone they truly admire and desire to serve is a start.

Being allowed to serve is a privilege and a life-saving opportunity for which they will always be grateful, despite the constant cognitive reinforcement needed to fight against social norms attacking their identity. And my most refined art. As a French Mistress, of course, I use psychoanalytical tools to find triggers and roots. I seem to provoke them just by existing. Getting my attention and access to my skills is hard, demanding, and painful.

There is no easy road.

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Presenting yourself empty-handed is useless, and thinking that you can be the exception, delusional. True slaves and admirers already know that what I bring to their existence is priceless. They are grateful that I allow them the opportunity to trade material wealth with the spiritual guidance I bring and the revolution my presence brings into their sexuality, for some of them.

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The very skilled ones can, however, find a special spot in service. I can smell stupidity from a distance. No matter how much he supplies or the amount of money he offers me, I will never inflict myself with the company of a stupid man. April 16, adepts Dissection Femdom slave training.

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A task is a work for the Mistress and satisfaction for the slave. Service is a lifestyle and an identity. Cognitive reinforcement is my specialty. Serving me always involves money.

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Now, for the rest of you… Leave your male ego at the door. And smile. It was a useless burden anyway.

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Need a mistress to serve

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