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I take the key and nod. Then I stand there, waiting for more instructions. Finally another patron takes pity on me. In the locker room an attendant points to the locker with my on it and I stow my bags. So I take off the orange shirt and shorts and follow them.

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She le me into the steam room, which smells wonderfully of chamomile. I follow her to a miniature pool marked 64 degrees where I walk in, gasp and flee back to the steam room.

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Twice more we do that before she deposits me in front of the centerpiece of the water area, the Bade Pool, with its nine different hydrotherapy massaging stations. One targets your feet. One the lower back. One the neck. The water comes out hard, like someone beating on you, but for your own good.

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I read on one of the many posted s that the Bade Pool combines the healing properties of water and acupressure, relieving muscle tension as well as boosting the immune system. Some of my fellow bathers are in the pool for the long haul. Which I find at the corner of the water area, when I lie on a metal slab and subject myself to an exfoliation treatment from a middle-aged Korean woman wearing a bra and panty set.

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My exfoliator nods, puts on her mitts and gets to work scrubbing my legs. Does it hurt? Is it relaxing?

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She attacks her work—i. When I open my eyes, I see little gray worms of skin raining down onto the floor. Every once in a while, my exfoliator dumps a bowl of warm water on me.

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It feels foreign, like this place. At about 50, square feet, Spa World is half the size of your average Walmart. The walls and ceilings are inlaid with glittering stones in beautiful mosaic des. In contrast to the clinical impersonality of the spa itself, these chambers are miniature works of art. If I had it to do over again, I would have visited the poultice rooms before the water area. But, who knew? I stay for 10 minutes, sealing up my pores in preparation to leave Spa World and return to the real world.

Now, go. This testification embodies everything of spa world and beyond. The Jets, the waterfall centerpiece and all the relaxation rooms along with the ice room. Thank you for sharing your experience it was nostalgic! I went to Spa World for the 1st time 3 years ago with my bff for her bday. We stayed about I loved it so much I go about 5 times a year. The Prime Rib. Next Renaissance Fine Arts. Kathleen Chandler September 3, at am.

Angela Ross February 16, at am.

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Naked women from Baltimore

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