Fuck now hosting

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FYI we never show your to other members. Forgot Password? It happens to the best of us. If you still need help, info devrant. up. Up. EdoPhoenix 2y. From the creators of devRant, Pipeless lets you power real-time personalized recommendations and activity feeds using a simple API. I hate them, as a former dutch customer, their abuse department reacts slow and sends me e-mails in german.

Fuck them, I switched to DigitalOcean a while ago. Theire all at least years behind the loop and overpriced would be quite the understatement. Google Cloud Services. And who the fuck thought it isnt a good idea to give your clients ssh access? EdoPhoenix On top of that, hosting in Germany sucks anyway. In an internet shithole with no privacy for website owners Impressumspflicht and hosting providers who would not protect their customers' identity?

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Muhaha, as if. PrivateGER that's more for baremetal server and still insanely expensive compared to any international hosting solution. Fast-Nop dont get me started on Impressumspflicht. That shit is just mental. EdoPhoenix not true. Hetzner prices are very competitive, and they don't only have VMs.

Their Support is decent i once had a snapshot running while some major component failed in their datacenter. This didn't cause an interruption to anything my server did, just caused the snapshot creation to hang. Still, probably a really stressful time for them, and even then they solved my problem within a few minutes.

It was my own ip - i did some test with a few requests I've been with them for 2 years now, with 0 downtime and no real other problems.

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They get added to the list of hosting alternatives i'm gonna recommend and will get ignored because why change if the cesspool still kindof works. I am not sure how the law sees it. Is it domain specific, server location specific, person specific or all of them?

If so, yes you are doing it commercial and it's journalistic of course. It does not have to be of business nature, and both TLD and server location are irrelevant. Obviously, German authorities can go fuck themselves in countries like Iceland because Iceland doesn't enforce German laws.

Works nicely for stuff like blogs or whistleblower websites like bpjmleak. Do you have a file browsing utility in the control panel, assuming that they've set one up with the ? I used lima-city.

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Why use a german hosting company when there are trillions of better hosting services in other countries. Like AWS. Welcome to the fucktard country that requires that personal information has to be stored inside the country, because it's "safer". I mean no german service provider can hold a fucking candle in terms of security compared to ANY cloudserviceprovider, but let's just ignore that we are the german gouvernment who the fuck needs reason and logic if you got bureaucracy.

EdoPhoenix Contabo. EdoPhoenix What data do you process that has to be stored inside Germany? And what law mandates it? Within the EU, yeah that's understandable.

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Storing in a non-EU country is different and would require some privacy shield yadda yadda contract framework to be established with that country on EU level. Otherwise, having the hosting provider in the same country where you live has the advantage that they're easier to go after them with legal means if they fuck up somehow. Wack infomaniak is the fucking worst.

Fast-Nop I can only see this if it is a government contract - they have different rules. It's also that all things are easier within the EU because that's deed to be one market mostlywhich Japan cannot take part in. Security we would simply not be able to afford. Related Rants. As a German I approve. Duolingo is teaching me some really important sentences.

Fuck now hosting

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