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Gang Member 1 : Whatcha doin', Mister?

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Bill Foster : Nothing. Gang Member 1 : Yes, you are, you're trespassing on private property. Bill Foster : Trespassing? Gang Member 2 : You're loitering too, man. Gang Member 1 : That's right, you're loitering too. Bill Foster : I didn't see any s. Gang Member 1 : [pointing at a piece of graffiti] Whatcha call that? Bill Foster : Graffiti? Gang Member 1 : No, man. That's not fucking graffiti, that's a. Gang Member 2 : Fuck buddy Foster can't read it, man. Gang Member 1 : I'll read it for you. It says this is fucking private property.

No fucking trespassing. This means fucking you. Bill Foster : It says all that? Gang Member 1 : Yeah! Bill Foster : Well, maybe if you wrote it in fucking English, I could fucking understand it. Bill Foster : [disappointed with the burger he's been served] See, this is what I'm talking about. Turn around, look at that. Bill Foster : You see what I mean? It's plump, it's juicy, it's three inches thick.

Now, look at this sorry, miserable, squashed thing. Can anybody tell me what's wrong with this picture? Lee : [lying on the floor after fighting with Foster] Take the money. Bill Foster : You think I'm a thief? Oh, you see, I'm not the thief. You're the thief!

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I'm just standing up for my rights as a consumer. Nick : [has revealed that he's a Nazi] We're the same, you and me. We're the same, don't you see? Bill Foster : We are not the same. I'm an American, you're a sick asshole. Frank Golfer : Hey, you there! What are you doing there?

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Bill Foster : Just passing through. Frank Golfer : Nobody said you could play through! Get off my hole! Jim Golfer : Frank, Frank, he said he was passing through. Passing through. Frank Golfer : He's not even a member, look at the way he's dressed, for Christ's sake! Would you get off my golf course? Bill Foster : I am! Frank Golfer : Go back the way you came! Jim Golfer : Frank, Frank, listen, I don't like the looks of this guy. Leave him alone, will you?

Frank Golfer : [getting worked up] Listen, what am I paying my fucking dues for? This is my Fuck buddy Foster course! If I want to play here, I will play here, you understand? If he gets hit with my Titleist, that's his fucking problem! Jim Golfer : Don't yell at me, I'm just here playing with you. He pulls out a shotgun out of his bag]. What the hell are you trying to do? Kill me with a golf ball? It's not enough you got all these beautiful acres fenced in for your little game, but you gotta kill me with a golf ball? You should have children playing here! You should have families having picnics, you should have a goddamn petting zoo!

Instead you've got these stupid electric carts for you old men with nothing better to do! Frank clutches his chest and falls to the ground]. Jim Golfer : Frank? What's wrong, Frank? Frank, are you OK? Bill Foster : Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Jim Golfer : Oh my God! I gotta get some help!

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Foster walks up to Frank, who is writhing on the ground, having a heart attack]. Bill Foster : What's wrong with you? Frank Golfer : [gasping] Heart Bill Foster : Your heart? Something's wrong with your heart?

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Well, what can I do? Frank Golfer : Pills Bill Foster : Pills? Where are your pills? Bill Foster : [smirking] Well, I guess you're out of luck, aren't you? Your little cart's going to drown. Now aren't you sorry you didn't let me pass through your golf course? Frank Golfer : [wheezing, barely able to speak] My Bill Foster : Yeah.

Fuck buddy Foster

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