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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. And while you loved them all, you both treasured your time alone together, too. Nights like tonight, when it was just you two and the dogs around the firepit on a cloudless spring night, were sure to be fewer and further between when Tyler was back to playing shape. But for now, you were making it a point to soak up every last one while you could. After pulling on a worn crewneck and an old pair of gym shorts, pulled from the back of your closet where your summer clothes had been tucked away since last fall, you coaxed lazy Marshall through the open sliding glass door to you in the backyard, and Tyler laughed as he watched the old labrador follow you reluctantly out of the house.

You scoffed, smacking his chest lightly as you pushed your knee against his leg, which he took as his cue to make room for you on the chaise. He opened his legs and pulled you to sit between them. Tyler chuckled and kissed the crown of your head. You laughed loudly, the sound piercing through the muted quiet of the night. Tyler folded his forearms across your shoulders, his hold heavy and comforting on your chest as your fingers reached up to smooth over the soft cotton of his hoodie sleeve.

But you did — of course you did — and you pressed your lips together tightly, closing your eyes as you drew a deep breath. You wiggled to sit up straight in his hold before turning to face him, resting your hands on his thighs. He was busying himself with silently studying the label of his beer bottle, turning the amber glass in a slow circle against the arm of the chair.

You rubbed your palms against his legs, trying again but failing again to gain his attention. Eventually, Tyler did, his eyes noticeably darker than they were when you first ed him outside — now clouded with a familiar fog, one you knew to be Fuck buddies egg Seguin labels haze of self-doubt and the fear of failing. You reached out your hand to cup his jaw, stroking his beard with your thumb.

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But you were going to say what you needed to say anyway. When he showed no s of any outward reaction, you continued. I so admire you for it. You nodded. I have every confidence in that. In you. Slowly, Tyler slumped forward against you, not often softening to the point of wanting to be held. You gathered him into your arms and buried a few lengthy kisses in his soft curls.

Christmas in Toronto, well outside of Toronto, with the Seguin family was going better than you had let yourself hope it would. You smiled as you wrapped an arm around his waist from the side. His arm extended out, giving you space to tuck under it and into his side. He pulled you in tighter for a moment and dropped a kiss to your temple, other hand setting his fourth, possibly fifth, mug of spiked hot chocolate on the counter. The marshmallows in his mug floating on the surface were dissolving into the cocoa, a situation you knew Tyler was hoping to create, the candy cane used to stir discarded on the counter.

Thank you. Now is later. Come on, get your coat. Full stop. You were sputtering out words as Tyler headed for the front coat rack. Your inability to skate, and your even stronger will not to learn at this point in your life, were a regular sticking point with Tyler, a person whose job required him to skate well. You sighed and wanted to push back. It was dark. It was cold. It was snowy.

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It was Christmas, and yet, Tyler wanted to cash in on a promise from your second date. You pulled your coat on and wrapped a green scarf around your neck, Dallas Stars green, a reminder of just how much Tyler had permuted every aspect of your life, how important you made him, how central you made him. Sometimes the thought of that, changing as much as you had for him, was terrifying, the kind of terrifying that made your hands shake and your chest tighten and your mind race down paths you barely knew excited because they were so rarely tracked.

Tyler turned at the house at the end of the block, heading straight to the side gate. You sighed as you rounded the corner of the yard to reveal a small, but serviceable outdoor rink his neighbors created on a pond in their back garden. Tyler ushered you out with a wave towards the pond and your brows furrowed, but he just waved his hands to usher you along. You dropped down onto the bench and began to unlace your boots. Just as you pulled the second boot off, suddenly, the pond was flooded with light, making you jump a little in surprise.

There were lights all around, spotlights, string lights, lanterns, everything it seemed the family could find to make the backyard as bright as possible.

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You shook your head softly as a smile came over your face. Of course. Do you like it? You slid your skates on at the same time Tyler did, and you did your best to copy his motions, looping the laces on your skates to pull them tight. Tyler laughed, more at your struggle compared to his practiced ease than actually at you, before sliding onto the ground in front of you, one knee dropping into the snow. He looked up at you with curious eyes for a moment. There was that familiar glint of a patented Tyler Seguin idea in them, which made you cock your head and furrow your brows at him.

He just smiled wide, shook his head softly, and turned his attention back to your skates. Before you could form a response, Tyler was up on his skates and pulling you up too. He led you to the edge of the pond, then took a confident step onto the ice when he reached in. Effortlessly, he spun on his skates to face you, reaching two hands out, ready to take yours and help you take your first steps onto the ice.

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He made it look so easy, as easy as walking, but you knew if you tried to do what he just did without you, you were going to look like a very short baby giraffe, legs splayed out, flat on the ice. You huffed and Tyler gave you an encouraging smile as you gave the ice a disapproving look. He outstretched hands opened and closed in front of you to encourage you to grab onto them. Your foot immediately started to slide forward, toward Tyler, and you panicked.

Tyler was ready for your panic and pulled your hands, forcing you to put your other foot on the ice. You let out a small scream and Tyler laughed. Your response made Tyler tip his head back and let out a long, full bellied laugh, bending his back into it as he laughed. Tyler seemed to forget your balance was incredibly precarious and entirely dependent on him.

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The three inches he shifted back on the ice as he laughed completely unbalanced you, sending your feet sliding forward too quickly and making you release his hands in favor of his forearms in a desperate grab for balance. Look where you trying to go. You let out a quick, irritated breath. You knew a large part of the reason you were irritated is because you were being asked to do something you were terrible at, in front of someone who was amazing at it, who just so also happened to be your boyfriend.

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In fact, that was your problem that developed after about two minutes with Tyler trying to teach you how to skate. Put the foot you just pushed off with on the ice again, and push with the one that was sliding. That was his best explanation of the lesson and you could confidently surmise that Tyler Seguin was an absolutely horrendous skating coach.

And he was a drunk skating coach. Tyler Seguin was definitely a terrible teacher, trying to teach something he could do forwards, backwards, diagonally, with his eyes closed, and made millions of dollars doing, while drunk. You were the one suffering. Tyler was having incredible time watching you flail and grip onto his arms to avoid falling flat on your face. So clumsy. Get too on an edge or try to turn too tight or get rammed into by some wrecking ball on skates.

But I just hop right back up and go again. You have got to get over this fear of falling and learn how to fall and get back up.

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Whether or not tipsy Tyler meant that statement to have merit and weight outside of the context of skating, you doubted, but it did. Just maybe Tyler was right about something.

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Maybe your biggest hurdle was just the one in your head and you needed to, on the most magical of all holidays where miracles came true and the world was a little brighter, take a deep breath and fail spectacularly under the hazy eyes of the boy you loved. You nodded and took in a deep breath as you did. Tyler raised his eyebrow to check in with you and you nodded again. You released your choking grip on his forearms and Tyler slowly backed up, giving you space to try on your own for a moment.

You took a second to pause, your feet shuffling a little out of the natural movement of your body, making your arms flail to steady yourself. You were better off going with your nonexistent skating instincts, which were just a series of mental clips from probably inaccurate ice skating scenes from terrible Hallmark and Netflix Christmas movies.

The actors were never the ones skating, but someone had to for the shot, so you figured it had to be at least partially accurate. You knew if you looked down, you would definitely topple over, you looked out onto the snow covered lawn ahead and hesitantly pushed forward with one foot.

Fuck buddies egg Seguin labels

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