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But she was shocked when, walking one day near her home at Madison and Kedzie, a man pulled up with his window down and propositioned her for sex. Residents and business owners in West Garfield Park have dealt with issues like this for years, says 28th Ward Ald. We want to clean up that scourge. But some prostitution advocates say the law could be unconstitutional and set back the recovery chances of prostitutes, whom they view as victims rather than perpetrators of crime.

After hearing complaints about prostitution at a recent neighborhood meeting, Ervin said he decided to propose the zones, a strategy he used as village manager of Maywood. If passed, the local ordinance will deate a roughly four-by-eight-block area — bounded by Jackson Boulevard to the south, Kinzie Street to the north, Cicero Avenue to the east and Kostner Avenue to the west — as the first zone, Ervin said. The police superintendent and Chicago City Council would have the power to add zones or tweak the boundaries. If a person is found in a zone within a year of a prostitution-related conviction, she is banned from the area for one year.

But some who work with women in the sex trade say the law would further penalize the victim — that is, the prostitute, who often has a long history of abuse, suffers from mental illness and is addicted to drugs. Barring these women from their own neighborhoods will be disruptive to their recovery and will only push the problem elsewhere, said Daria Mueller, a senior policy analyst with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.

Mueller said she hopes to meet with the alderman to discuss alternative strategies, such as targeting johns and pimps, and directing women to services instead of jail. Various versions of prostitution-free zones have been implemented in other cities, including Portland, Ore. In Portland, Ore. The city passed a similar prostitution law three years later.

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I am glad to see Ald. Ervin on the move to clean up a long time issues that has been plaguing our West Garfield Park for years. We need to get behind him and help out,it will be better for our community and childrens. We need to see stand together as a commuity with our Aldermans if they are working on efforts to improve our community. Please stand up fpr change. Think of all our childrens safety fisrt.

Let put our differents aside. Former West Garfield Residents. Catherine Jones God Bless. They have to move or quit their job? Is there a better way to deal with the problem? It is so interesting to read the different opinions of everyone. Ervin is trying to bring his ward to another level Thank God. Do we as Blacks always have to accept the worse of the worse. Why is it so difficult for us to support something that is good for the community? I appauld Ald. Ervin for trying to do something vs nothing.

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This is a minimal step that Ervin has taken for his newly appointed position. African-American has been told what is right for us and what we should do for way too many years without evening questioning it. And when questions are raised with valid reasoning the inquirer is viewed as being a troublemaker or an adversary which is untrue.

When I initially read the article, I immediately thought about the legal ramifications of the johns and prostitutes who worked, resided and used the through roadways this was before I could even finish perusing the article.

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This ordinance would be illegal especially if either individual is a taxpayer. The ACLU would be all over this law which places a bandage on a more serious problem. How about the city of Chicago provide counseling and supportive services to these working women and find out the reason why they are out there and transition them from off the stroll.

Besides if the women are fined how will they pay the fine?

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This type of ordinance would help everyone including those residing outside of this ward. Going to the trash can and witnessing a johns and prostitution can not nearly have the same effect as witnessing men standing on the corners selling and drug abusers getting high and small zip lock baggies littering the ground.

DRUG abuse causes your insurance to be sky high. There are much bigger fish to fry besides prostitution. However since this problem is contained, Pam could every well start a group of concerned residents and create a group to stop the activity of prostitution by patrolling and utilizing the police.

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Write down the plates s of johns and video tape what you see and proactively call the police department. You must be logged in to post a comment. Log in to Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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