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Improve your speech for non-native English speakers. Inspired to extend a helping hand to ambitious women working in corporate America, a veteran executive offers honest, practical, slightly irreverent advice about navigating companies that are run and populated predominately by men. Learn to see yourself as others do and become magnetic, magnanimous, and memorable!

Savvy advice, specific examples, and tactical exercises to develop your presence—in months, not years. Jennifer K. Crittenden earned an MBA in finance and worked for over twenty years in the US and abroad, rising from financial analyst to chief financial officer. She is the author of five books, including the award-winning Discreet Guide for Executive Women.

She offers professional development programs through her company The Discreet Guide. Read her LinkedIn profile.

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Paperback, Kindle and Audio versions available here on Amazon. Paperback and ePub version available here at Powells. Audio version available here at audible.

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Paperback version available here at Alibris. Paperback and ePub versions available here at BookDepository. At the age of six or so, I was riding in the car with my mother when I got my first lesson in the difficulty of referring to a human female. I was surprised.

We swing from girls, gals, and chicks, to women, ladies, and a whole host of nasty terms. None seem quite right. Those speakers may hesitate to use the term in a professional setting, particularly in greeting. Women also often use this casual term to refer to themselves.

The what-do-we-call-them problem was amusingly brought again into the mainstream last year when Keith Urban showcased a song he intended to be sympathetic to women. One responder on stackexchange. With my linguist hat on, I can only observe what terms speakers use under what circumstances.

Jennifer: enjoyed this article! Thought provoking and as you as note, current as 50 years ago. Will read with interest your other offerings! Respectfully, Charlotte.

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Audiobook now on sale! Also available on Audible. Buy the paperback here. What Is She? The Sex That Cannot Be Named At the age of six or so, I was riding in the car with my mother when I got my first lesson in the difficulty of referring to a human female.

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Executive Presence Customized one-on-one consulting program to enhance your presence, both professionally and personally. Available from anywhere. Starts anytime. Ten minute individualized sessions. Private and confidential. More info. for the "Women and Money" Issue - July for the "Uncommon Courtesy" Issue - July for the "Stage Fright" Issue - Mar for the "Women's March" Issue - Jan for the "Executive Presence" Issue - Nov Follow DiscreetGuide.

Discreet sex Surprise

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