Hart Home Decor Christmas Party Games For Your Gang

Hart Home Decor Christmas Party Games For Your Family

Whether your family and friends are naughty or nice they all deserve a little fun at Christmas! Which is where party games come in!

They are a great way to break the ice and furthermore they encourage guests to start mingling. So I have gathered a few fun games together for you to choose from.

Pick the one most suitable for your party dynamic, pour the wine (or lemonade for the kids) and watch the good times fly!

Family-Friendly Christmas Games For Kids

Stocking Guessing Game
  • Firstly you’ll be needing a spare Christmas stocking that isn’t being used this year
  • Then as the host put some random shaped items into the stocking
  • Once it’s stuffed full of items, tie a ribbon or string around the top of the stocking so that no one can peek
  • Then all sit in a circle and pass it around to let everyone feel what’s inside
  • Give them note cards so that they can write down their guesses
  • The person who guesses the most correct items wins!


Blindfold Christmas Drawing

  • Get yourselves some paper and pens
  • Blindfold all players and they need to hold a paper plate on their heads
  • The host gives drawing instructions whilst everyone who is blindfolded tries to draw what is being described onto their plate
  • The most accurate (or most hilarious!) drawing wins!


Stocking Fill-Up (good one for the garden!)
  • Form two teams based on how many players there are
  • Place a Christmas stocking for each team on the other end of the garden
  • The players will then race to their team’s stocking with a spoonful of candy, deposit the candy and return to their team
  • This relay continues until one team fills up their stocking to win the game!


Pin The Nose On Rudolph

  • Draw (or print out a picture) of Rudolph and place it on the wall
  • Cut out a red circular piece of paper for his nose with a add a piece of BluTac to the back
  • Then blindfold the participant, spin them in a circle (just for added confusion!)
  • Have them try to pin the nose on Rudolph!
  • Mark their attempt with their name
  • Give everyone a chance to pin the nose and whoever pins it most accurately, wins!
  • Or as it works in my family whomever gets it the furthest away from the nose spot wins!

Adult-Friendly Party Games

Christmas ‘Who Am I?’
  • Ask everyone to form a circle
  • Hand a post-it note and a pen to each player
  • Tell each player to write a famous person on the post-it note
  • Have each player stick a post-it note on a nearby person, with the name of the person showing
  • Go around the room and have a player ask the “yes/no” question to the group
  • The goal is for each player to successfully guess the person written on their forehead
  • If the player does not guess correctly, the next person gets to ask a question
  • Continue play until everyone successfully guesses their name, or until time runs out!
Christmas Limbo
  • Grab one of your Christmas garlands or a Christmassy scarf
  • Start the garland at a height that everyone can limbo under.
  • Then progressively lower it until you have a single winner

You can make the game a little more challenging by adding a Santa Stomach to each person as they take their turn. For this, you need to provide a couple of oversized shirts, and some fluffy pillows to stuff them!

Jingle Bell Beer Pong

There is bound to be at least one person in your group who knows the rules of beer pong. But in this version you use Christmas Jingle Bells instead of ping pong balls. WARNING – this one could get loud! 🎉


Ok that’s my top tips for the day done and dusted! I do hope you enjoyed this one!

Hope you have a lovely Christmas! I’ll be back next week with some more tips for your home and interiors. 

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