Hart Home Decor Build your own sanctuary at home

Hart Home Decor Build your own sanctuary at home

Doesn’t life always seem so hectic and busy? And then you come home from work and your home isn’t the sanctuary you are craving….

When you get home from a long day your home should be the place you come to for peace, quiet and rest. How wonderful to have a relaxing feeling of relief when you walk through the door and you know your home is going to envelop you with a damn good cuddle!

So why not create a retreat where you can unwind, read, relax and take sanctuary from the outside world?

Hart Home Decor Building your own sancturary at home Mood Lighting

Hart Home Decor Building your own sancturary at home Mood Lighting - photo courtesy of Beacon Lighting

Photo courtesy of Beacon Lighting

Lighting plays an extremely important role in instantly changing the mood and feel of your room. It sets the ambiance and can transform your room from stark and cold to cozy and snuggly in moments! It is one of my most favourite ways to make a room feel like you want to stick around, relax and spend a little time there.

The right lighting can change your mood, relax you and get you ready for whatever your night ahead holds!

I recommend having two lamps in your room to give equal lighting across the room without being too bright. Choose ‘warm’ globes rather than ‘cool’ and you’ll be surprised how different your room looks.

Hart Home Decor Affordable Luxury Soy Candles & Room Fragrance

It’s time to accentuate the senses right in your living space with some soy candles or scented reed diffusers. Let the power of fragrance inspire you after a looooong day at work!

Nothing lifts the spirits or creates an ambience quite like a beautifully scented candle. The scent surrounds us and transports us to other places and furthermore has the power to inspire and relax us.

Scent is a very personal thing but if you are struggling to choose my recommendation is to choose a gentle fragrance that will bring a sense of calm to your space.

This is one of the best ways to unwind, centre yourself and relax.  And make sure you choose soy not paraffin as no one wants that toxicity in the air. Our range of hand poured soy candles will have you chilled out in no time!

Hart Home Decor Build your own sanctuary at home Plants

Photo courtesy Spalding Bulb

Greenery will instantly transform your space by bringing it to life. Houseplants are good for your health — and not just for their visual beauty. Why? They essentially do the opposite of what we do when we breathe: release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. This not only freshens up the air, but also eliminates harmful toxins.

Studies have also proven that house plants improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels, and boost your mood. So what’s not to love!

I recently wrote all about my favourite indoor plants that will bring some beauty and calm to your space here.

Hart Home Decor Build your own sanctuary at home Furniture

Everyone needs a ‘spot’ that they call their own. A spot that they can look forward to sinking into once the day is done and it is time for a little me-time.

Choose a comfy, cosy armchair that instantly gives you a calm and relaxed feeling.

Investing in one good piece will be worth it’s weight in gold and will quickly become your go-to spot.

When you are choosing a sofa make sure not only is it a style that suits your interior but also is functional and comfortable. There are so many beautiful pieces of furniture out there but if you don’t want to spend time there and relax, what’s the point?

Choose carefully and wisely and you’ll never regret it!

Hart Home Decor Build your own sanctuary at home crystals

Enhance the sanctuary feel of your space and bring yourself back to nature by styling crystals throughout your home. The natural beauty of crystals can be styled as a statement piece on your coffee table or placed thoughtfully throughout your home. Choose the crystals your eyes feel drawn to the most. Then once you understand their meaning you will know exactly where they would be best placed in your home. Shop our range of crystal elements here.

Hart Home Decor Building your own sancturary at home bedding & pillows

Feels like a bit of a no-brainer to have a beautiful place to sleep but you would be surprised how many people ignore this part of their home!

Many of my clients think that they can’t afford ‘luxury’ bedding as they have been told in the past that for it to be luxurious is has to super high thread count plus Egyptian cotton and cost a fortune. This simply isn’t true.

Yes, you do need to have 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and bamboo like our latest range here.

Make sure you when picking bedding that it has not got any polyester or nylon in the blend first and foremost. Next don’t be shy about asking the sales staff in the shop (or if online email them to get advice) if you can feel the fabric or if they have one on display of the same quality. This will give you a great idea of how snuggly it will be to sleep in!

Make sure you have enough pillows to sink into too – this is vitally important! Choose good quality pillows that will not only sit nicely when styled but will also give you enough support and comfort when in use. There is nothing more ‘un-relaxing’ than low quality, flat pillows that give zero support to your neck when sleeping and upper body when reading in bed.

So there you have it – my very best tips for making your home into your very own sanctuary. It only takes a few touches to give you an instantly relaxed vibe the moment you walk through the door. Go on, you deserve it!

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Ok that’s my musings for the day done and dusted, I do hope you enjoyed this one!

I’ll be back next week with some more tips for your home and interiors. 

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