6 styling tips to make a rental feel like home

6 styling tips to make a rental feel like home Anastasia

Lucky me got to meet Anastasia from Mood Design, a self confessed homeware and interior addict! And she has given us her top styling tips for making your rental feel like home. Over to Anastasia:

Anastasia says “I believe design is less about trends and more about creating a positive emotional experience.

I’m a homebody at heart who loves to make a place feel like a home.  There’s a certain feeling you get at ‘home’ that no other place gives you.

More and more people are choosing to rent over buy their own home.  In some cases it makes more financial sense for landlords to rent (called ‘rent-vesting’) but whatever your situation the reality is more and more people are renting.  The question I get asked a lot is, ‘how do I style a rental to feel like home?’.

Personally, I know from living in multiple homes, friends would always comment about how inviting and comfortable my homes felt.  The homes varied from an old weatherboard house to a modern inner city apartment.  Regardless of the building structure, they would say things like ‘It’s just so chilled.. I could stay here forever’.

As a designer, I wanted to explore what exactly created this experience for people.  In this article I’m going to share my tips to help you style your rental so regardless of where you are, it will always feel like home!


6 styling tips to make a rental feel like home

The first priority or renters is storage.  Make sure you have it!  But if not, there’s plenty of temporary options available.  Ikea offer a huge range of affordable and attractive cabinets, wall units and shelving options.  Use baskets for blankets, books and magazines.  Try cardboard boxes for xmas decorations or plastic crates on wheels for off-season clothing and blankets.


6 styling tips to make a rental feel like home

This is the next best and easiest way to change the look and feel of a space.  It can be achieved wherever you are and has such a huge impact to a space and how you feel.

When it comes to natural light, lighten up the window treatments to encourage more natural light whilst ensuring you can block it out in the evening.  Cover up old verticals and shades with cheap curtains found in any cheap department store.


Use rugs to help define zones and areas in a large open plan space.  Rugs also add colour and texture to a room if it’s lacking.  They help to reduce noise but also increase warmth if you’ve got old timber floor boards.


Quantico Wall Art Peonies Wall Decal Desk

Peonies Wall Decal

Nothing refreshes a room than a good ol’ lick of fresh paint – but check with the landlord first!

Add personality to your place with removable vinyl wall decals or hang artwork and mirrors on the walls to brighten up and create a focal point.  Removable wall hooks mean you can hang almost anything anywhere these days.

If you have the floor or shelf space, create a cluster of 2 to 3 art pieces and lean up against a wall.  You can also try this on your tv entertainment unit or any furniture that’s leaning up against a wall.

Don’t limit your creativity to traditional prints and paintings.  Think about displaying your own travel photography or consider buying a macrame or wall weave which are popular at the moment.


Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Nothing creates calm quite like nature so why not bring the outdoors in.  Place some indoor plants around the place for some freshness and colour.  Do your homework first and choose the right plant for your environment and your ability.

Cascading plants are great to shelves, hanging plants for undercover areas where you might already have hooks in place or a classic cactus or succulent can create a really bold statement.

Read all about Tiffany’s Favourite Indoor Plants here


Finally add a bit of your personality and accessories.

Go nuts with throws, pillows and accent decor.  Use decor and knick knacks you’ve picked up on your travels or gifts that mean a lot to you.

Change up your bedding and add some cushions and a throw or some decor to your bedside tables – right beside the bedside lamps (See point 2!).

Spice up a kitchen with new colour coordinate tea towels, canisters and maybe a fruit bowl or utensil holder.

For the bathroom, add a plant to soften the cold hard surfaces and maybe a candle to create a pleasant smelling space.

These ideas are very easy to implement and although they may not be rocket science, it’s always the little things that make the biggest impact.

Remember – don’t go nuts with everything on this list.  Be selective and only include things that mean a lot to you and make you smile.  If in doubt, strip it back and use less.

At the end of the day you are creating YOUR home and what makes that home is YOU.  So ignore what you see on TV and in the magazines, use it as inspiration and do what feels right for you.

Thanks so much to Anastasia for all her fabulous tips! You can find her on Instagram here or via her website here

Love Tiffany x