10 tricks to help your clothes last longer!

I love shopping but I also love it when my clothes last! I’ve been trying out all the best ways to keep your clothes in tip top shape for as long as possible. So here are my top 10 tricks to help your clothes last longer.

10 tricks to help your clothes last longer - pegs10 tricks to help your clothes last longer - pegs

Suede shoes? A nail file is your BFF!

If your favourite suede shoes get some stubborn dirt on them, fear not those nail files we all have hanging around will fix that right up! All you need to do is just buff the marks and they’ll come right out. If the dirt is really stuck in the suede try holding it over the steam from your kettle for a couple of seconds and then buff it all off that way!

Got a stuck zip?

There’s nothing more annoying is there? Especially when you’re in the jacket and it’s too tight to get over your head! Well, before you lose your rag and cut yourself out of it try an old fashioned bar of soap. Rub it along the zip – be patient and you’ll get out of it! Once you’re out of it rub some more soap on the zip to ensure you don’t get stuck in it next time!

Need a storage solutions for long boots?

So you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on some gorgeous long boots but storing them is a nightmare! They always either fall over or get all scrunched up and lose their shape. The easiest and cheapest way to overcome this is with a pool noodle! Just chop them to size and put inside your boot to keep them standing tall all year round.

Stop that stocking run!

You’ve just pulled on your new stockings and you somehow manage to make a hole that has potential to run down the length of your leg in no time! Arrgghh so annoying when you’re rushing to work in the morning! Just grab your ever useful clear nail polish. Dab some polish on and around the hole and this will stop it running down your leg or getting bigger. Genius!

Loosen up my buttons baby (no actually dont!)

When you’re almost ready to run out the door to work the worst thing is finding one of your buttons is coming looser by the second. Especially around the cleavage department! No problem – just grab your clean nail polish again. Dab some of the clean nail polish over the loose threads and this is the best way to stop it unraveling until you get chance to sew it back on properly

Need to store clothes?

As the seasons come and go you may find you need to store clothes that you’re not wearing. Instead of using those plastic (more ways to go plastic free!) clothes bags why not use an old cotton pillowcase? Cut a hole in the closed end and slip over a hanger. You can rest assured that your clothes will stay dust free. Furthermore the pillowcase wont hold in moisture and bring on mildew like plastic does! Living in Australia where there can be high humidity we have all pulled clothes out of a stuffy wardrobe at some point with a touch of mould on. Keep this at bay with this super fab hack!

Scuffed your patent shoes?

We’ve all had those annoying marks on patent shoes! Usually caused by them scuffing up against something no matter how hard we try to keep them clean. Happens to me all the time on my favourite nude heels. So glad I found this hack to get rid of those marks. I used to use baby wipes on them which does work for the most part. But since then I’ve discovered petroleum jelly and a cotton tip! Simply rub some of the jelly on the mark with the cotton tip and kiss those marks goodbye!

Workout kit smelling damp?

10 tricks to help your clothes last longer - workout kit

After you’ve been to the gym (you go girlfriend!) try not to throw your kit sweaty and damp straight into the washing basket. Unless you’re going to wash them straight away let them air dry before you chuck them in the basket. Damp, sweaty kit will cause mildew and that never smells good! This will only lead to you needing to replace your washing basket sooner (not an excuse to go shopping!).

Pants pants pants!

I had a partner once who couldn’t’ believe I actually hung my trousers and jeans on hangers! What the actual….? It may be tempting to just fold up your pants and put them in drawers. You might think this saves some hanging space and is simply easier. But think of it this way – hanging them on a hanger will prevent creases and wrinkles. And you know what that means? Less ironing yay! This will not only save you time but will also help your clothes to last longer. Ironing and steaming too much definitely will have a wearing effect so remember hanging is best!

Using freebie hangers?

10 tricks to help your clothes last longer - hangers

No, no, no! We’ve all taken home the freebie hangers from shops when buying clothes lets face it. However, these aren’t built to support heavier fabrics for long periods of time. Wire and plastic hangers will eventually warp the shape of your clothes. Invest in some good quality hangers which wont leave pointy marks on the shoulders. We stock some super gorgeous ones here, designed here in Australia with free shipping too!

Ok, I’m done for the day! I do hope you enjoyed today’s top tips!

See you tomorrow for some more interiors inspiration and styling lusting!

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